Salottino July 2023

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On 5 July 2023 from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm the third edition of 6lottino, powered by MIX took placeto take stock of the implementation of IPv6 in Italy iith leading national experts

The event was followed by over 80 participants. If you were one of us and want to review some passage that interests you particularly or if you missed the event, watch the videos and download the presentations!

“Numeri e statistiche su IPv6 nei principali 4 IXP italiani. A che punto siamo?”

– Flavio Luciani, Chief Technical Officer NAMEX e Simone Morandini, Service Development Manager

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“Introduzione di IPv6 sui servizi Mobile Broadband e VoLTE di Wind Tre e Verymobile”

– Oronzo Barbati, Head of Device Engineering & Testing Wind Tre, Massimiliano Mattioli, Mobile Data Core & Signaling Engineer Wind Tre, Mario Niro, IP Engineer Wind Tre

“SRv6 nella pratica?”

– Marco e Federico Paesani, Consulenti networking

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