Salottino May 2021

Salottino May 2021

MIX Salottino Reloaded

MIX Salottino 2021 – virtual edition took place on 11 May.

We discussed about Network Monitoring & Analysis, Network Security Threats and the IPv4 environment with 3 authoritative international experts and more than 160 participants. Mauro Magrassi, CTO MIX, gave an overview of the traffic trends at European IXPs during the pandemic, before starting the Q&A Session.

Watch the videos and download the presentations!

MIX Salottino 2021 – Intro

“Visibilità di Rete e Cybersecurity” – Luca Deri, Founder NTOP

“Esaurimento degli indirizzi IPv4” – V. Vergani, Head of Network Architecture, Eolo

“We found Bad Things” by Peter Cohen

“IXP Traffic in the Covid Era” – Mauro Magrassi, Chief Technology Officer MIX

MIX Salottino 2021 – Q&A